10 Simple Steps to Online Business Success

So your online business sucks and you’re feeling like a failure… Bet you thought running an online business was easy didn’t you. I bet you said to yourself:”I have this fantastic idea to start an online business and sell what I love and am passionate about and thousands of people are going to come running to buy my products now that I’ve got a website.”That’s it, you’re done and there’s no looking back now! You’ve got your online business and you’re going to make tons of money now aren’t you?! Or, are you?The reality of the situation is, many people start a business online everyday, yet almost all of them fail to execute a few simple steps that would inevitably lead them to success. Nearly all of us at one point in our entrepreneurial career has thought that we had a great idea that everyone wants or needs and they were just as excited about it as you are. The fact of the matter is you are an expert within your particular niche and that is what you are passionate about. But how are you going to share that passion, let alone your products and services with your target audience? Here are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure you succeed with your internet business.Step 1 – Know Your Target AudienceThe idea of knowing your audience goes deeper than identifying who they are, where they hang out and what they want however. Take the time to get to know your target audience. Ask them questions and learn what it is they seek from you. Online surveys are a great way to hear directly from your target audience. Use the free service from SurveyMonkey to create an online survey and ask your target audience as well as your email list subscribers to answer the questions. Their free plan allows you to create 10 question surveys and is very useful.Step 2 – Plan Your BusinessThis is a topic I cover in greater detail in my free 15 day training course. No online business can succeed without a plan. You must create a plan of action to implement for your online business before you can ever hope to succeed. This applies whether your a brick and mortar real world business or strictly operating online, having a plan of action greatly increases your chances of success!Step 3 – Follow the LeaderIdentify who the industry leaders are within your target market or niche and follow them closely. Learn from them to identify what led to their success. Take from them what works best for you and apply the lessons you’ve learned to create a more specific and personalized method to success for your online business.Step 4 – Devise a Marketing StrategyThis is an area where many online business owners fail. If you want your online business to succeed, you need to learn how to market your business. Having a well thought out marketing plan is a major key to your online business success.Step 5 – Pay Attention to OpportunityOpportunity exists everywhere, you just need to learn how to identify it. This is done through practice, practice, practice. The best way to learn how to identify opportunity is to learn how to be a better conversationalist. Opportunities present themselves in the most unlikely of situations usually. Learning to simply have conversations with others almost always leads to some form of opportunity presenting itself to you. Learn this art and your online business will go far!Step 6 – Create Actionable GoalsGoal setting is a key requirement for you to succeed at anything you do. Set actionable goals you need to achieve in order to attain success within your online business. Each goal is a small step toward the success you seek. Make sure to include dates for when you intend to achieve your goals. Including dates gives you something more to shoot for. Also, be specific about what you intend to achieve. For example, to have a goal of “make more money” is not an actionable goal. Instead, apply an amount and date to make the goal more realistic and achievable such as “I intend to make $10,000 a month by December 31st, 2010”.Step 7 – Work Your Business EverydayThis one is a little tricky. When I say to “work your business everyday” I mean within reason. You need to find a balance, especially if you are just starting out. You must work your online business everyday, even if it is for only 30 minutes a day. Each small step you take toward your goals is a part of a larger effort to achieve success.Step 8 – Don’t be a Pencil PusherMan if I had a penny for every time I’ve seen this one! Don’t get stuck in the preparation phase of your online business. To many times I’ve seen aspiring online business owners continue to prepare or organize their online business. You’ll never be 100% prepared so quit straightening your pencils and organizing your desk. You know what your action items are, so take action and just do the things that are going to make you money!Step 9 – Create Content that MattersMake sure to provide your target audience with quality content that meets their expectations and provides value. Your target audience is looking for value and will follow you fiercely if you provide it. Answer their questions and provide for their needs and you’ll find they will help you succeed.Step 10 – Build a Relationship ListNo, no, I don’t mean you create an online dating service… You should be actively building an email subscriber list and communicating with them on a regular basis. Doing so allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers which leads to customer loyalty as well as repeat buyers. An email list is by far the single most important requirement necessary for any online business to succeed.Well I’ve certainly given you a lot to think about, so stop sucking and get’er done!!!To Your Success!
Sean Smith

2010 Olympic Venues

The facilities for the Vancouver Olympics will be broken down into two categories competition and non-competition venues.Competition VenuesThe Competition Olympic venues for the Vancouver Olympics will be located in four adjacent cities Whistler, West Vancouver, Vancouver and Richmond.Vancouver is the hub of the Olympic activity, but events for the games will be spread throughout the four different locales.Vancouver and RichmondVancouver is home to four main sporting venues for the 2010 Olympic Games. These sporting venues include Canada Hockey Place, Vancouver Olympic Center, Pacific Coliseum, UBC Thunderbird Arena.These events will host events such as hockey, curling, and figure skating. Speed skating will be held at the Richmond Olympic Oval which is located in downtown Vancouver in Richmond city.WhistlerWhistler is second only to Vancouver in its importance and number of planned events at the 2010 Olympic Games.You will find multiple competition venues located in Whistler including The Whistler Sliding Center, Whistler Creekside, and Whistler Olympic Park/ Whistler Paralympic Park. A number of exciting events will be held at these Olympic venues including bobsleigh, luge, skeleton, and alpine skiing.In fact, Whistler Olympic/Paralympic park alone will host a number of events including Olympic biathlon, Paralympic biathlon, Olympic cross country skiing, Paralympic cross country skiing, Nordic combined, and ski jumping.West VancouverOne of the most breathtakingly beautiful Olympic venues you will visit is Cypress Mountain located in Cypress Provincial Park in the district of West Vancouver. You will find that the views of the city of Vancouver and its harbor are not to be missed, but Cypress Mountain will also host some events that shouldn’t be missed. You can see the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events at this popular British Columbia ski area, during the Vancouver games.Non-Competition Olympic VenuesThere are two main locations where you will find the non-competition venues for the Vancouver Olympic Games. The non-competition venue cities include Vancouver and Whistler. The Canadian Olympic committee has set up these non-competition venues to make certain the games go of without a hitch.VancouverIn the city of Vancouver you will find a number of non-competition venues for the 2010 Olympic Games. These venues include BC Place, the Main Media Centre, and the Olympic/Paralympic Village. BC place is the venue in which you will attend to see the opening and closing ceremonies along with the nightly award ceremonies for the games. On the southeast side of False Creek in Vancouver you will find the Olympic and Paralympic village. You will find that the village for the 2010 Olympic games is centrally located for easy access to shopping, entertainment, ceremonies, and dining. Additionally, you may be surprised to learn that the village features sustainable housing that will be converted to a residential neighborhood after the completion of the Vancouver Olympics.WhistlerWhistler is another important place for you to be familiar with for your trip to the Vancouver Olympics. Like Vancouver, Whistler will have a number of non-competition Olympic venues to compliment the events being held there. Whistler will have its own Olympic/Paralympic village. The newly constructed Olympic village is located in the scenic Cheakamus Valley.The Whistler Conference Centre will house the MMC or Main Media Centre for the International press, and you can view the nightly awards ceremonies at the Whistler Olympic Celebration Plaza.